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Welcome to Call for Impact

Massive Changes happen when communities
self organise around shared purposes.

About us

/Ci is a platform that will help you
reconnect for impact

/Ci is a community with a new generation Operating System. An Operating System designed to allow the community to self-organize around shared purposes and leverage the internal and external collective intelligence. Members take the most out of the time interacting with the APP and the connections with other members.

Those connections are:

  • Mutually desired
  • Backed by people you trust
  • Protect your contact info
  • Higher ethics standards

Some of projects the community is working on

Item 1

Civic movementsCommunity

/ Ci community constantly searches, analyzes and collaborates with movements with the potential to improve some relevant social indicator.

Gallery 1

Increase Healthspam Public Health

A group of passionate members analyze initiatives to increase longevity and quality of life, both incremental and disruptive initiatives.

Item 3

Policies for GoodGovernment

Hundreds of new policies could improve the mechanisms that govern our society, in / Ci they are proposed and analyzed each one of them in a decentralized way.

Contact Us

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/Ci is still in BETA

Our idea is to open the platform to the world sometime soon. For now is just an invite only community. If there is anything you want to share with us please send us a message.

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